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James Hardie ColorPlus Fiber Cement siding is a boon to homeowners looking for one of the most durable exterior home finishes around. Offering a great return on your investment and an industry-leading warranty, James Hardie Color Plus Siding installed by the professionals at Beisa’s Legacy is a great choice for the savvy Portland Metro homeowner. Especially if that homeowner is looking for a great ROI home-improvement project!
The paint is applied in the factory, under tightly controlled conditions and cured in between coats. That’s why James Hardie can offer an exceptional warranty against chipping, cracking and peeling paint- 15 years!
ColorPlus fiber cement siding is a great choice, whether you plan on staying in your home for the long-term or you’re getting ready to sell. Your home’s exterior is the first thing visitors see- whether they’re neighbors or buyers. Why not make an impression that lasts with durable, beautiful ColorPlus Siding from James Hardie?
If you’re staying in your Portland-area home for the foreseeable future, that 15-year guarantee is highly appealing. The maintenance cycle dictated by other home exteriors can seem grueling in comparison. If you’re putting your home on the market, that guarantee becomes a selling point and your home has a beautiful, durable finish in a color selected by industry-leading design professionals. That means every color you see available in your area has been picked by an color design expert and researched for regional appeal before it’s even in the running to be selected for inclusion into the ColorPlus line. In Portland’s heated real-estate market, a home with a beautiful, well-considered and long-lasting exterior will stand above its competition.
If you want a great return on your investment, James Hardie ColorPlus fiber cement siding, installed by the professionals at Beisa’s Legacy is a great choice.
Of course, if you prefer the extra work of taping, prepping, painting and cleanup, we won’t judge.


When it comes to preparing your painting surface specific steps are required. Preparation and primer are a must for the longevity of your project. Think of the primer as double-sided sticky-tape, it’s what ensures your paint will stay stuck to the surface. JamesHardie has two distinctive primers – green for HZ5 & gold for HZ10 – both specifically created for climate & performance enhancement of the siding products.

ColorPlus® Technology

Not only do you have the option to have your siding pre-painted from the factory, but it’s the best in it’s class. JamesHardie ColorPlus Technology is a multiple-step baked on technique in order to ensure a long lasting and consistent vibrancy for your home.
With a baked-on application from the factory and proper cure time in between coats, a stronger bond is created that is resistant to chipping, peeling & cracking.
With the ColorPlus Technology, the process includes applying more 50% more paint than what is typically applied by your average house painter in the field. Creating a vibrant color that will last for years to come.
ColorPlus® Technology is specifically engineered to help resist damaging UV rays, so your color will stay vibrant for longer.
Products that are engineered specifically for the different climate regions, with JamesHardie your home will be protected all year round.

With a 15-year limited warranty against chipping, peeling and cracking. James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology is the best option!

The 100% JamesHardie Home

With a 15-year limited warranty against chipping, peeling and cracking. 

 James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology is the best option!


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